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Don't Let a DUI Turn Your Life Upside Down

A DUI conviction can have a devastating impact on your life. In addition to stiff fines and possible driver's license suspension, you may also pay high-risk insurance rates for years to come. If you have a commercial driver's license or need to operate a motor vehicle as a part of your work, you risk losing your job.

Just because you have been charged with DUI doesn't mean the state can prove the charges. As a former felony prosecutor for the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney in McCracken County, attorney Kevin M. Olsen of Olsen & Oliver, PLLC, understands how to defend against DUI charges.

Building a Drunk Driving Defense

In Kentucky, police officers may administer a preliminary breath test (PBT) at the side of the road. However, pursuant to the Kentucky Revised Statutes, the results of the PBT are not admissible at trial. The PBT results cannot be used against you.

Have you been arrested for DUI? After your arrest and prior to a blood, breath or urine test being administered, you will have an opportunity to call a defense lawyer. During that phone call, we will attempt to give you information that may help you decide how best to proceed. Our office accepts phone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There are many defenses in DUI cases:

  • For the police to stop your vehicle, certain criteria must be met. As your attorney, I can look into the circumstances behind your traffic stop to see if your case would benefit from filing a motion to suppress. Should a court grant your motion to suppress and rule that the stop was in violation of your constitutional rights, the evidence may be excluded, leaving the commonwealth with little choice but to amend or dismiss your charges.
  • Field sobriety tests must follow standardized rules. If police administered your test improperly, the results can be very unreliable. I know the procedures officers are supposed to follow when administering field sobriety tests, and can investigate how best to challenge their evidentiary value.

Make Sure You Have a Lawyer at Your Side

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