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Conviction of Domestic Violence Can Have Long-Term Repercussions

We Will Protect Your Rights and Minimize the Impact

Kentucky laws governing domestic violence carry significant and severe penalties. Whenever you are charged with assault in the fourth degree (domestic), you run a real risk of spending time in jail. A first offense carries a potential punishment of up to 12 months in the county jail. If you are convicted of a third offense of fourth degree assault (domestic), your charge may be treated as a class D felony, carrying a punishment of up to five years in prison.

Aggressive Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Under Kentucky law, police responding to a report of domestic violence may make an arrest if there is any sign of injury, no matter how slight. These charges can and must be aggressively defended. At Olsen & Oliver, PLLC, in Paducah, we represent clients who face domestic assault charges or other assault charges.

In cases of domestic violence, it can be important for your attorney to talk to the witnesses and examine the evidence - such as medical reports - to determine the strength of the charge against you. If the evidence is not strong enough to convict you, it may be that a trial by jury will offer the best protection for your situation.

Protect Your Rights

If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is imperative that you hire a lawyer with the knowledge to ensure that your rights are protected. Employing counsel early in the investigation may allow exculpatory evidence and witness statements to be collected. To schedule an appointment, call (270) 575-3500 orĀ contact us online. Our criminal defense attorney represents clients in criminal matters throughout Western Kentucky from our office in Paducah.